• Pioneering achievements
    Over 100 years of Service
    Creating Environmental Friendly Infrastructures
    Creating Employment for Thousands all Over the Country
    World Wide Presence
  • Many Firsts...
    1921- PVS Round Building the First Concrete Building in Mangalore
    1938- PVS Mahal the First Concrete Storied Building in Mangalore
    1949- PVS Beedies the Company to be registered First in India for Beedies
    1970- PVS Kala Kunj the First Long Span Auditorium in Mangalore
    1972- PVS Sadan the first tallest building in South India
  • a leaf with a vision...

a leaf with a vision….

In the year 1906, It all started with a beedi, in a small coastal town of Mangalore in Karnataka, when the legendary Late Sri Puthu Vaikunta Shet rolled a tobacco leaf and saw through it a vision with new horizons.

At the PVS, the beedi is more than a pleasure bud, it is an idea. A metaphor of passion, that ignited the destiny of thousands and gave pleasure to millions.

It created a cottage industry with epic proportions that eventually elevated the little town of Mangalore to the world map.

The beedi became the magic wand of transformation forever.

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creating a larger circle….

A good man draws a circle around him that includes his family and takes care of them, other men draw a larger circle that holds a community together. But some men, have a great destiny. They draw a circle as large that envelopes the lives of millions and millions of people.

In the year 1949, his vision was instrumental in the creation of the PVS. It became the first registered company to be engaged in manufacturing beedies. Today PVS is a unparalleled success story in the history of cottage industries in our country. At the PVS, we value life with all its goodness and frills, and also pledge to carry forward the goodwill, loyalty, commitment and quality with integrity to our future initiatives. Excellence is, and will always be our motto.

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the flowering of a tradition...

Change is the only thing constant with time. By the turn of the century, the legend of PVS has seen many springs, traveling through the generations. Then one day in autumn of 2011, PVS Infra was born.

As the sages say the flowers are the breathing of the roots! PVS Infra, is a vision with a new dream. It is an infrastructure company that is conceived to meet timeless needs ahead of its times. PVS Infra is high caliber professional, driven by innovation and space management dedicated to creative contemporary aesthetics. At the PVS Infra imagination is inspired by a transcended understanding of purpose.

PVS Infra is young and raring to burn new ideas for premium living. PVS Infra is a statement of the future.

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