On 23-10-1884 of the calendar year a child was born in a middle class family which was hailedand rejoiced as a new born baby as in any other family. In the course of years gone by Sri PuthuVaikunt Shet from his young age showed the qualities of broad mindedness,visionary ideas,compassion and concern for the poor and the downtrodden irrespective of cate,creed or color,for their social, and economic upliftment.

Being a man of independent spirit and bold ideas and firm conviction, he ventured upon his independent business enterprise by starting a petty shop in the year 1906 and simultaneously made a humble begininng of beedi manufacture to help lazy and idle relations and friends,which became a growing industry in the district of South Kanara.

The raw materials going into the manufacture of beedies had to be procured from places thousands of miles away,facing all the odds and handicapped by poor transport facilities in those days.

To provide employment was really an uphill task. However, his firm determination and conviction of self-employment and dignity of labour has borne rewards in providing growing gainful employment in beedi industry to thousands of men and women at their doorsteps during their leisure and pleasure hours which motivated and inspired others to start similar industries many years later. Thus, Sri Puthu Vaikunt Shet became a pioneer in beedi industry and was hailed for his concept of providing rural employment opportunities were very much lacking. This cottage came as a boon.

Today, a hundred years later, the foresight and vision of one man culminated into a growing organisation viz. P.V.S. Beedies (P) Ltd., which is providing employment to thousands employees and workers directly and indirectly through concerns or establishments dependent of this Parent Organisation. Though bereft of formal educationn as such, his wisdom and vision of upliftment of social,economic,cultural,spiritual and religious activities irrespective of any faith,besides extending munficence to all deserving causes,hailed him as an institution rather than a mere individual. We recall with pride the founder, Sri Puthu Vaikunt Shet's vision in starting manufacture of beedies not only to provide employment to women, the economically weak and the agricultural labourers, but to make an indian product; it was an initiative to prove that Indians were capable of producing a Swadeshi product.

There was no need of capital equipment, no sophisticated machinery, no technology. All that waas required was creative talent, manpower and working capital, and above all, organisational capability and business acumen. Puthu Vaikunt Shet demonstrated these qualities in ample measure. His marketing efforts were full of commonsense. There were mo jargons of marketing models. His accent was on quality, brand awareness, identification of the packaged product.

Collection of the raw materials from Nipani, Gujarath, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa was no easy task. He employed good business methods, built confidence in the suppliers by prompt payment; and the suppliers too were impressed by his sincerity. He built up an enduring business relationship with them.

Marketing of P.V.S. Bedies was no easy problem. Trains and bullock cars were the only modes of transport available. And when he decided that his products should be sold in Bombay market, he was bold enough to use motor road transport. P.V.S. Beedies earned a name in the Bombay market and all along the route to Bombay from Mangalore.

During the Second World War, P.V.S. Beedies became the favourite of the Jawans, both Indians and the British alike. The Beedi was the ideal substitute for the cigarette; in fact; more than that ; as there was no paper smoke from beedi, The British Government decided eo slap the excise duty on beedi tobacco.

Puthu Vaikunt Shet was thrilled when India became independent. He didi fairly in his business and he wanted to elevate his business into an industry. He registered P.V.S Beedies Limited as a company in 1949 - the first company engaged in the manufacture of beedies. He was the receipient of congragulations from every quarter, especially from the Imperial Bank of India for his excellent performance.

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